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About Our Halal Meat

"The story of our meat's beginning is as good as the end"

In our part of Asia, cattle farming is still done the traditional and natural way Cattle are grazed on open grasslands, which in turn are fed by fresh water springs coming from melting glaciers deep within the Himalayan mountains Thus this tender meat carries with it a pristine natural wholesome flavor tha is distinct. Unlike the west, where cattle ranching have taken the form of our industry, our farming methods might sound conventional, but rest assured old farming ensures, that the natural irresistible taste of Euro products will always be satisfying.

"The Islamic way, All the way"

Meat products that originate from western countries often do not meet Islamic principles. But Euro ensures that the meat products it produces strictly conform to Islamic practices. All over products are classified as Halal Euro has become a symbol of trust for thousands of Muslims across Pakistan and the Middle East and judging by the fast growing Muslim Community.


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